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The Hirst Collection, London UK

Pat Ciner

Our passion is sharing these stories with our customers through the designers creativity and imagination. Each necklace, bracelet, pin and each pair of earrings represent a unique piece of art for you to take home. 

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MOANS Couture Studio


Chris Crouch AKA MOANS Couture

Discover the art of Custom Jewelry 


About Us

My husband William and I started Jewelry Business 12 years ago and very proud of what it has become. 

Our team is made up of jewelry designers, experts, lovers and travelers. We believe that in order to understand the value of something, you must be able to see, touch and experience it. Therefore, we travel across USA to meet with local jewelry designers and design with them, experience their craftsmanship first hand, bringing back not only the item, but the story behind it.