CINER 18K gold plated, white and fuchsia crystal rhinestnes Maple leaf brooch. Size 2.5" SOLD

CINER unique Maltase Cross 18K gold plated, ​amethyst art glass and bohemian pearls ring, Size 6.5 SALE 95 USD

Vintage One of a Kind made in France Lucite Cicada Bracelet, adjustable size.SALE  95 USD

CINER stunning 18K gold plated horseshoes pearl earrings (pierced) size 1.5" SOLD

CINER One of Kind large 20mm faux pearls necklace, silver plated clasp, size 22" SOLD

CINER One of a Kind Pearl necklace (pearls size 10mm) perfect match to, topaz and amethysts art glass and pearls pin. Size: Pearl Necklace 19", pin 2.5" SALE180 USD

CINER 18K gols plated fashion earrings. Size 2.5" SOLD USD

CINER silver plated filigree design, rose and aqua art glass bow brooch. size 3.0" SOLD

CINER 18K gold plated, back art glass cabochons shell brooch. Size 3.0" SOLD

CINER 18K gold plated runs art glass cabochons pierced earrings. SALE 130USD SOLD


CINER 18K gold plated heart earrings. Forever classic!! size 1.5" SALE 150 USD

CINER 18K gold plated, topaz crystal rhinestones Maple leaf brooch, Size 3.0" SALE 130 USD

CINER 18K gold plated back and peach enamel shell clip earrings. SALE 95USD SOLD 

Vintage Oscar De La Renta jet enamel and white crystal rhinestones elaborate flower necklace. Size 19"SALE 550 USD SOLD

CINER 18K gold plated, white brilliant cut round crystals brooch. Size 2.5" SOLD

CINER 18K gols plated, topaz and black art glass c classic crystals necklace, Size 19.5" SALE 350 USD

CINER One of a Kind Pearl topaz and amethysts art glass and pearls pin. Size: 2.5" SALE 130 USD SOLD

​CINER one of a kind 18K gold plated, beige enamel, doorknob earrings. size 2.0" SOLD

CINER One of a Kind jet enamel and white crystals classic cross pendant (I'm INCLUDING the GOLD PLATED chain as a gift.) Size 2.5" SALE 130 USD

Vintage One of a Kind Ca1960 Emerald Art Glass Brooch, Size 2.5 x 1.5" SALE  50 USD SOLD

CINER One of a Kind white crystals and black enamel clip earrings. size 1.5"


CINER unique Maltese Cross 18K gold plated, emerald art glass and bohemian pearls ring, Size 7.0 SALE 95 USD

CINER 18K gold plated ruby art glass eyes and white crystals incredible cicada ring. Size 5 SOLD

CINER One of a Kind mixed art glass and crystal rhinestones set, brooch & earrings (clip), Size Pin: 3.0" Earrings 1.5"SOLD 

CINER One of a Kind 18K gold plated, large brilliant oval tops in the center and crystal rhinestones brooch, Size 3.5"SOLD  

​CINER one of a kind silver plated, white crystal rhinestones coin earrings. size 1.5" SOLD